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Chimney Authentic Indian cuisine Restaurant opened under a dream project by a group of young & passionate Indian chefs, to spread the true taste of Indian Cuisine to other corners of United States. This restaurant is a symphony of fine dining in an ambiance that complements the cuisine.

Under the baton of these chefs, great curries of India are served along with the most exquisite Curries & kebabs in the land. Years of experiment and research into ancient culinary secrets have gone into composing a delectable menu that will entrance even the most fastidious gourmet.

The mission of these chef musketeers is to bring the taste of Indian Cuisine to other corners of the world brought them to USA, where he worked as a Chef for "last 5 years in opened 2 successful Restaurant’s" respectively, After working there for more than 5 Years, the group felt a need to open his own Indian Cuisine restaurant where he can serve the delicious tastes of Indian cuisine in a better way, served with his academic & own gained rich experience with a variety of guests and their palate.

By cooking the hygienic Indian food with Miraculous Indian spices & putting into it our rich experience and passion for cooking, we want our guests to live & experience the saying of famous Greek physician Hippocrates, "Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”

Additionally, we offer flexibility to our customers with regards to requesting the amount of spices/ingredients in a particular dish to be added or reduced to make the taste customized to their own taste if they wish to experiment with the traditional taste and enjoy the new taste of the dish so attained.